Now You Can Increase The Size And Efficiency Of Your Plant's Roots!

Roots are the foundation of your plant's ability to intake water and nutrients so they grow well and produce the valuable flowers you so very much enjoy. Use Piranha to put the beneficial fungi into your root zone so your roots increase ability to uptake moisture and nutrients. Your guaranteed results are increased plant vigor which rewards you throughout your crop cycle and at harvest time.



  • Add to the water tank once a week.
  • In coconut every watering.
  • Other media 2-4 times a week as needed.
  • 2ml / 1L growth in the first (1) and second (2) weeks of the phase
  • 2ml / 1L flowering in the first (1) and second (2) weeks of the stage

When planting seedlings in a pot, place the planting in the bottom of the hole 2ml Piranha and plant the roots on top of Piranha liquid.



Bacillus mucilaginous10 x 106 cfu/mL
Pseudomonas chlororaphis50 x 106 cfu/mL
Pseudomonas putida63 x 106 cfu/mL
Trichoderma harzianum7 x 106 cfu/mL
Trichoderma viride70 x 106 cfu/mL