Advanced Nutrients is an international marketer and manufacturer of agricultural, home & garden, hydroponics fertilizers, and plant nutrients. As experts in plant nutrition and soil science, their team of Ph.D. scientists have manufactured the finest line of organic fertilizers and soil conditioning agents that improve plant nutrient uptake, organic beneficial bacteria’s that restore the natural balance of soil, and rooting and flowering formulas that will never harm the environment. 
Advanced Nutrients is known as a pioneer in the hydroponic fertilizer industry. The company creates diverse, innovative formulas based on scientific data to develop products that help you achieve big yields and healthy harvests. Their pH-balanced fertilizers are perfect for any hydroponic system.
Over the last 21 years, Advanced Nutrients have helped hundreds of thousands of growers in more than 107 countries get lush, green gardens – using nutrients your plants crave to unlock a full, robust expression of their genetic code. They have designed the products that give your crops exactly what they need when they need it. They use the best source materials and manufacturing processes, which means you get stronger products that produce fantastic results.
When you use Advanced Nutrients for your garden, you will increase your plants’ maturation speed, vigor, and potency.