pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco Grow A&B

Ultra-Premium 2-Part Grow-Phase Base Nutrient Uniquely Formulated for Experienced Coco Coir Growers!

If you’re already a top-notch grower praised by customers and friends, and you’ve already maxed out the potential of your current coco coir feeding program – and if, after all that success, you still want even more yield – then pH Perfect© Connoisseur Coco Grow is the right base nutrient for you. No expense has been spared in sourcing only the most potent, powerful ingredients, guaranteed to drive your crops to their most productive grow possible. What’s more: you’ll find abundant amounts of the “missing link” needed in coco coir – diversely chelated forms of iron.



In growth stageWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Part A+B1ml/1L2ml/1L4ml/1L4ml/1L

Use both products at the same time in the same ratio (1: 1)



Part A
Total nitrogen (N)
4% w/w
3.5% w/w Nitric nitrogen
Water-soluble calcium oxide (CaO)4.6% w/w
Water-soluble magnesium oxide (MgO)
1.2% w/w
Water-soluble iron (Fe)
0.18% w/w
0.16% w/w Chelated iron (Fe) (DTPA/EDDHA/EDTA)
Water-soluble manganese (Mn)0.05% w/w
0.04% w/w Chelated manganese (Mn) (EDTA)
Part B
Total nitrogen (N)1% w/w
0.05% w/w Ammoniacal nitrogen
0.5% w/w Nitric nitrogen
0.45% w/w Ureic nitrogen
Water-soluble phosphorus (P2O5)2% w/w
Water-soluble potassium (K2O)4% w/w
Water-soluble sulphur trioxide (SO3)
2% w/w