pH Perfect Sensi Grow A&B

Now You Can Make Sure Your Grow Phase Gives You Lush, Green Plants

Your plants use the ingredients in pH Perfect® Sensi Grow to reward you with rapid growth, lush foliage, and sturdy structure. That's why you're using Sensi Grow, the consistent two-part base nutrients formula that works well in the most productive hydroponics gardens.
Sensi-Grow/Bloom A & B is a two-part base nutrient formula that is ridiculously easy to use. You just measure the two parts, according to the mixing instructions on the bottle, and voilà. You can get on with your life. And because Sensi-Grow/Bloom A&B includes pH Perfect technology, your pH will constantly be maintained at the perfect level for optimal growth.



In growth stageWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Part A+B1ml/1L2ml/1L4ml/1L4ml/1L

Use both products at the same time in the same ratio (1: 1)



Part A
Total nitrogen (N) 3% w/w
3% w/w Nitric nitrogen
Water-soluble calcium oxide (CaO) 4.2% w/w
Part B
Total nitrogen (N) 1% w/w
0.94% w/w Nitric nitrogen
Water-soluble phosphorus (P2O5) 2% w/w
Water-soluble potassium (K2O) 6% w/w
Water-soluble sulphur trioxide (SO3)3.3% w/w